What is your teacher to student ratio in each class?

We will maintain a 6:1 ratio in our 2 1/2 year old classes, an 8:1 ratio in our 3 year old class, a 10:1 ratio in our 4 year old class and a 10:1 ratio for our Pre-Kindergarten class. 


What hours and days do you operate 

2 1/2 year old classes will meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00-11:00. Our 3 year old class will meet on T/Th from 9:00-11:30 and our 4 year old class will meet M/W/F from 9:00 -noon. Our PreK class meets Monday through Thursday from 9am to 1 pm. Classes begin in September after Labor Day and end in mid-June.


What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum is theme-based and is developed using a wide variety of resources. Our classes provide for individual attention by teachers, as well as teacher-directed and free choice activities. We incorporate socialization skills, art, music, stories, cooking, science exploration, mathematical thinking skills, language development, listening skills and Christian concepts and values into our program. In addition, our 4's and PreK classes will be exposed to an increasingly structured environment, including alphabet skills and reading readiness


Do I need to be an Episcopalian to attend?

Families of all faiths are welcome to attend St. Luke's Preschool.


Do you provide for outdoor play time?

Children will have the opportunity to use our outdoor play area as weather allows.


Are children provided with snacks during class time?

Students will be provided with a snack each day they attend class.


Do you hold conferences with parents about my child’s progress?

Parent-teacher conferences and progress reports will be scheduled periodically.


How do you communicate with parents?

Parents will receive a Parent Handbook once their child enrolls at St. Luke’s Preschool. In addition, a monthly newsletter will be sent home with each child. Parents are encouraged to check the reader board regularly for additional announcements as well as church happenings.


How will inappropriate behavior be handled?

Children act out in ways that attempt to get their needs met. When a child displays inappropriate behavior, a more appropriate behavior will be taught, encouraged, practiced and reinforced.; Our goal is to ensure that children understand the rationale for correct behavior. Staff will notify parents when they see it necessary for follow up at home.


What are your tuition rates?

Monthly fees will be $125 for the 2 1/2; year old class, $150 for the 3 year olds, $195 for the 4 year old class and $360 for the PreK class. In addition, a non-refundable registration fee of $75 per student will be charged. Tuition will be due by the 5th of each month.


What costs will parents be responsible for beyond the registration fee and monthly tuition?

Some field trips may have a nominal fee per child. Parents will also have the option of purchasing class pictures during the school year.


What supplies will my child need for preschool?

Each child will need a backpack or other book bag. All other supplies will be provided by St. Luke's Preschool.


What do I do when my child will be absent?

Please call the school at (253) 759-3519 during the first 15 minutes of your child's class time to report an absence. Messages can also be left on the preschool voicemail, or, in the event of a pre-planned absence, communicated with staff.


What if my child is injured or gets sick at school?

Staff members will call parents to pick up a sick or injured child. If parents are unavailable, then the school will call individuals listed on registration paperwork as those able to pick up the child. It is important that you keep the school up to date on any phone number changes. 


How will parents be notified if the school needs to close due to weather or an emergency situation?

St. Luke's Preschool will operate on the Tacoma Public School Emergency closure schedule. If Tacoma Schools are canceled due to inclement weather, then St. Luke's will be closed, as well.  The Director will update the voicemail message and post closure information on our Facebook page.


Do the classes take field trips outside the classroom during school hours?

Our 3's, 4's and PreK classes will go on field trips several times a year during class time.


Do volunteer opportunities exist for parents?

We encourage parents to attend field trips as chaperones and to help donate items for class parties.